Tuesday, 22 June 2010

22 June

It has been pretty rainy in Sydney lately, so there have been a lot of indoor activities to photograph. I only hope that it fines up for the school holidays!

Lots of knitting going on - I finished the Icarus shawl, although I still haven't blocked it. I used a pretty Dream in Colour baby lace called Cloud Jungle. The soft colours reminded me of the colours in a pigeon's feathers, keeping in with the Icarus theme - in the myth Icarus flew too close to the sun with his wood, wax and feather wings; the wax melted and the feathers slid off, can you see that in the shawl?

Lots of tea drinking

snuggling up under the heater

playing with favourite toys

and taking photos of the wet world outside when we weren't allowed to go out into it :)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Spring Garden Tee

I couldn't resist buying this beautiful pattern from Alana Dakos (Never Not Knitting) last year, and I finished it in time for Miss M to wear last summer. It is the Spring Garden Tee, and I knit it from Bendigo Cotton.

The cotton knit up lovely and soft, with very nice stitch definition, and I just wash it in the washing machine with no drastic effects ;)

The pattern was very well written, nice and clear and straighforward for a newbie garment knitter like myself. I will definitely be knitting more of these in different colours for Miss M. Alana has also just released an adult sized version of this pattern, which I will also be buying!