Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ta Da!!! - Linen Messenger Bag

After dragging my poor old messenger bag around for two years (and watching it get grubbier and grubbier, not to mention the horrors that my fingers would touch if I ever dug down to the bottom of the bag) I have put it out to pasture and made myself another one. The beautiful linens that I bought recently were perfect and I just love it :)

I used my favourite Sew Liberated Messenger Bag pattern - this must be the sixth one I've made. This time however I added an extra side pocket and also a separate zippered compartment in the middle of the bag - I can actually find things now!

I added some of the linen tape I bought, and I even used the lace tape that the etsy store owner wrapped my fabric with :)

That is one of my new year's crafty goals down - I haven't given myself too many this year so I won't be under so much pressure to get things done!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

In the Mail - Lovely Linens

For the first time ever I bought myself some linen fabric - some plain linen from the US and some Japanese cotton/linen from etsy. The plain linen is lovely - a soft grey colour and, once washed and tumble dried, really quite soft for a fabric I've heard can be scratchy. It was also a bargain - I bought it from Fabrics Store and it was on sale for $5.87. The postage from the US was $34, so I went all out and bought 8 yards just to make the postage worthwhile :) And it was delivered the next week! So all up it cost less than half the price than it would in Australia, postage included. And now I have enough linen to last me for a long time, although I have a lot of projects in mind now that I have seen how nice it is.

The etsy store I used was Apples and Eggs - I would definitely recommend her as she was so accomodating and friendly, and super quick to post to me. She wrapped the package beautifully with linen tape (which I have actually used in my first sewing project!) and even included a little set of buttons and the 'handmade' tape for free. She has some beautiful fabric there and it was difficult to narrow down my choices - I will be back ;)