Saturday, 13 February 2010

In the Mail - Lovely Linens

For the first time ever I bought myself some linen fabric - some plain linen from the US and some Japanese cotton/linen from etsy. The plain linen is lovely - a soft grey colour and, once washed and tumble dried, really quite soft for a fabric I've heard can be scratchy. It was also a bargain - I bought it from Fabrics Store and it was on sale for $5.87. The postage from the US was $34, so I went all out and bought 8 yards just to make the postage worthwhile :) And it was delivered the next week! So all up it cost less than half the price than it would in Australia, postage included. And now I have enough linen to last me for a long time, although I have a lot of projects in mind now that I have seen how nice it is.

The etsy store I used was Apples and Eggs - I would definitely recommend her as she was so accomodating and friendly, and super quick to post to me. She wrapped the package beautifully with linen tape (which I have actually used in my first sewing project!) and even included a little set of buttons and the 'handmade' tape for free. She has some beautiful fabric there and it was difficult to narrow down my choices - I will be back ;)

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