Sunday, 19 October 2008

Another future quilt

Farmers Market by Sandi Henderson:

Now this would have to be my absolute favourite quilt fabric, I am so glad that I bought it :) It's definitely going to be a quilt for ME! Although my daughter pointed out that since I have so much I might be a nice person and share some with her. I'm thinking that I'm actually a mean person ;)

The colours are stunning, so bright and summery and juicy! I especially love the vintage cherries, they are going to be the backing for the quilt.

I just can't stop stroking and admiring and loving these fabrics LOL.

My daughter finds them irresistable as well.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this quilt. I want to show off the fabric as much as possible, so no little tiny bits. And I would like to incorporate some panels of plain fabric that I can embroider on as well. I'm really enjoying planning this quilt, every day I am inspired by something that I think I must include in the quilt. I think I'll let this one simmer away in my brain until after Christmas.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Another quilt at last!

Well almost ;)

I've bought some great fabric to make another quilt, a D9P of course! I really like the patterns and colours on these, they are just ordinary cotton fabric from Spotlight, but that just means that I could buy more of it :) They are not the bright colours I usually go for, but they are all interesting and - I think - still cheerful looking.

I think this quilt will be for my son, since I haven't made anything for him yet. Although my daughter is convinced that it is perfect for her as well, she just loves dinosaurs. Good thing I have lots of fabric!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

A couple of (very late) WIPs

I've been trying to make things for family and friends' birthdays this year, and as a result I'm really far behind! I've had to let go of the idea of making lots of Christmas presents, because I'll end up handing them out at Easter. It's such a shame because I think that receiving a handmade present is so lovely and I always love to give the things I make, but it just takes so much longer and there is the temptation of sticking a gift voucher in a card. Here are a couple of my WIP gifts:

Socks, and a couple of scarves.

Another messenger bag.

I also have to make more socks, another bag and some other crafty things that I have yet to finalise. I hope that the recipients like them and don't mind too much that their birthday presents are a few months late!

One other problem with having a large list of presents to make, is that I feel guilty whenever I make something for myself. I'm always buying fabric or other crafty materials but I haven't had a chance to do anything with them - I keep thinking "I'll do that after Christmas!" but then I realise that the birthday cycle will be starting again AAAHH!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Quick, before someone catches you!

I recently bought a great book for my 4yo daughter, The Doodle Book, by Taro Gomi. Oh please, it's a book about drawing! ;)

It has activities on each page to allow the child to express their own creativity and imagination, here are a few examples of the activities:

My daughter has been intrigued by this page:

And I am intrigued by this one! Look at that suspicious character lurking around the corner. I just love the "Quick, before someone catches you!" - children have to learn the dangers of graffitiing at a young age I guess ;)

It has kept my daughter happily occupied during the school holidays (the book that is, not graffiti!)