Friday, 10 October 2008

Quick, before someone catches you!

I recently bought a great book for my 4yo daughter, The Doodle Book, by Taro Gomi. Oh please, it's a book about drawing! ;)

It has activities on each page to allow the child to express their own creativity and imagination, here are a few examples of the activities:

My daughter has been intrigued by this page:

And I am intrigued by this one! Look at that suspicious character lurking around the corner. I just love the "Quick, before someone catches you!" - children have to learn the dangers of graffitiing at a young age I guess ;)

It has kept my daughter happily occupied during the school holidays (the book that is, not graffiti!)


Ruth said...

What a cool book! Great for encouraging not only imagination but pen and drawing skills. lol at the grafitti!

Kellie said...

My twins have a couple of these books aren't they great!!!