Friday, 26 September 2008

I am so lucky!

I was lucky enough to win some cute fabric in a give away that Chaletgirl was doing on her blog. It arrived yesterday, beautifully wrapped, and with another little present inside - a lovely little tissue holder made from the sweetest bird fabric. It's the first give away that I've ever won, and I've entered a lot! It's actually the first crafty thing I've ever had in the post (that I haven't ordered online) since I'm not brave enough to participate in a swap - I have actually had a nightmare involving a quilt swap :) So this is my first experience of the incredible generosity that is out there in the online crafty world!

Thank you so much Chaletgirl, you absolutely made my day!


Sheridan said...

Louise! It is my pleasure! I am glad that you got your little parcel safely.

Now, swaps! I think you should sign up to one and have a go! And you will be just in time for Doll Quilt Swap #5! Sign-ups will open on October need to sign up here...

And you will have a couple of months to get your quilt done.

I know it's a bit scary, but I bet you will love it and become addicted.

Go on! And keep us updated!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely giveway prize! Love the fabric. Getting giveaway and swap mail is the best!!

Little Munchkins said...

What a lovely parcel! You are one lucky girl indeed.

Kellie said...

What beautiful gifts! Lucky you! Thank you for such kind words on regarding my latest quilt!