Sunday, 21 September 2008

Quick apron sewing

Ok, so I have decided that I love aprons, it's all part and parcel of my love for all things vintage. Not to mention that I really need something with pockets that can also handle being covered in chewed up food from my son. The pockets are essential for my ipod (I listen to audio books and craft and writing podcasts while I do housework) and for all those little things that I have to remove from my son's reach as I move around the house.

I found a lovely apron pattern from Sew Liberated - the same lady who made the messenger bag pattern that I used for my messenger bags. Her patterns are very easy to read and there is no guesswork involved - she clearly spells out every step for you. She has a really pretty (and probably the best known) apron pattern called Emmeline, but I ended up choosing the Lola apron because it included a pattern for a child's apron, and I wanted to make something for my daughter to use when she's crafting. There is a growing fashion to wear aprons as part of your every day clothes - if the aprons can look this fashionable I don't see why this couldn't be a great look. When I was little people wouldn't be caught dead outside in their slippers, but now ugg boots are apparently outdoor wear, something I still can't get my head around :) Why not aprons as well?

Anyway I made my Lola apron the other day, having purchased the pattern from the fantastic Crafty Mamas shop. I made it from the same chocolate brown voile that I made my daughter's Felix dress from, it has the benefit of being extremely light and cool, and quick drying. I really just wanted it made NOW so I did a really quick and dirty version - I rushed through it and as a result there is a mistake in the decoration (can you spot it? I'm damned if I'm pointing it out ;). The sewing is sound but not exactly meticulous, but it looks good on and it does the job. I have more fabric for another couple of aprons, but I'm actually tempted to buy the Emmeline this time and make that one as well.

I must apologise for the fingermarks all over the mirror in my daughter's room - my kids love to stand pressing their noses to their reflections and banging their hands on the glass!


Sara said...

Your Lola apron is adorable!

The mirror in my room always has fingerprints and other marks courtesy of my children.

Little Munchkins said...

It looks fantastic! I have the pattern too but I haven't opened it yet. I like your version of it.

carlos said...

Very nice - it looks like a dress only functional!