Friday, 10 April 2009

Hand quilting

I love the process of hand quilting, it is such a lovely personal and intimate way to finish a quilt, that in this case was so fast to piece together. It makes me slow down and familiarise myself with each of the fabrics in the quilt, and the way the pattern fits together. It is another project that I enjoy doing in Autumn - having my lap covered in a quilt in summer is not my idea of a relaxing craft! I'm using a perle cotton this time, and it took a bit of trial and error to figure out which needle was best to use with it - too small a needle was almost impossible to thread, and then even more impossible to pull through the fabric with the thick cotton behind, and then it snapped!

The colour of the thread stands out beautifully against the colours of the fabric - red and blue together are one of my favourite colour combinations.

Because the thread is thicker, it means that the stitches are larger, and hopefully it will be all finished in time for Winter.


Sara said...

The red stitching looks fabulous!

janebaker said...

What a gorgeous quilt. Miss M will love snuggling under it. I love the red stitching with the red, white and blue combo.