Saturday, 5 December 2009

Advent Day 5 - Working on: Round Robin Block Swap

This is sort of Christmas related :)

I have been participating in a round robin quilt block swap with a fantastic group of ladies, and last week I sent off the final blocks. We will be getting our blocks back this month (in time for Christmas - see, it is Christmas related!) in order to make them into a quilt, and I can't wait to see what everyone has made out of my fabric!

Some months it has been difficult to find the time to make the blocks - because I'm so picky I have been taking about 4.5 hours to sew one block, which I'm sure is quite ridiculous. Now that it's all over though I can see the benefits of all that pickiness - my measuring, cutting, piecing and sewing is now much more accurate, in fact I hadn't realised how inaccurate it was before. I have also figured out how to iron properly so that the pieces don't get pulled out of shape.

So all in all I'm so glad that I was part of this swap, my very first one. The EB Newbie Quilters who also participated are all so helpful and understanding, all the stress of the swap is non existent, once I had come to terms with cutting into someone else's fabric that is ;)

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