Monday, 31 May 2010

31 May - still here!

It's been such a long time between posts for me, I have been so busy and the days are just flying by. I have a lot of photos from the last couple of months to share, although not as many crafty ones as I'd like.

My pincushions have been getting a work out lately with a couple of quilt projects I'm working on - photos of those later. The top pincushion is from Ruth :)

Since Miss M gave herself a haircut at school (!) we have been trying out new hairstyles. I must admit that it is easier to brush in the mornings now...

This drum kit was given to us by a mum who had had enough of it - shortly after these photos were taken we passed on the joy to yet another mum ;)

Woolly goodness - I'm not the only one who appreciates it!

I'm still not sure what I want this to be - I've cut pieces out and sewn bits together, and I just don't know. I love the colours though.

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Ruth said...

Welcome back :-) Your little girl looks so much like you in the first photo! Hair cuts are always hard, but she looks very, very cute. xxx