Friday, 4 February 2011

4 February 2011

What a long time it's been since my last entry, the summer has just been so busy. Miss M started back at school this week, which she is just loving, and Mr O begins in the 3-6 class next Friday, which he is denying :) My baby will have his first real time away from me, which will be strange for us both but once he gets used to it all he'll have a great time just like his sister does. It's a fantastic Montessori school, and every time I drop Miss M off I really wish I could spend the day in a grown up class there ;)

I am looking forward to taking photos of autumn trees, this summer heat is unbearable!

I've been making lots of soy candles - they burn more cleanly than regular parrafin wax, and they smell so good - I made mostly vanilla and coconut.

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