Wednesday, 2 March 2011

03 March 2011

The beginning of Autumn has me thinking of wool and winter fabric, and all the beautiful Autumn colours of one of my favourite seasons. It was a lovely cool day yesterday, although today is supposed to be hot again - Summer doesn't fade graciously in Sydney. I sewed the last button on a Summer shirt for Miss M, and now I'm looking through my fabric stash for something suitable with which to make her a coat.

I completed these toys last year for a little girl's first birthday. I might have to make a second set of the Matryoshka dolls for Miss M.

Big Mumma

all the way

down to

tiny baby.

I have made this little birdy before, nice and quick to knit up and so cute.

Here is an egg in a nest.

Here is a little birdy hatching out.

One wing out -

Ta da!

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