Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Craft: gingerbread house

I've always wanted to make one of these, ever since I was little and had a real addiction to fairy tales, and this year I got the chance! I was rather minimalist with it after I saw lots of people piling up their houses with icing and lollies, and then having them cave under all the weight (believe me, it is minimalist compared to what other people were doing :) . It was a rainy, hot and humid evening in Sydney and the icing didn't set as fast as it is supposed to. Many people took home a nicely wrapped pile of gingerbread rather than a house LOL


I'm saving this for Christmas day, so my poor daughter just gazes longingly at it through the plastic :)


Emma said...

Wow! Was this at a class? I'd love to do one of these with the kids sometime - eventually!

Anonymous said...

I love gingerbread houses, one of those cute Christmas craft ideas that I make with the kids at home. Yours looks so yummy!