Sunday, 7 December 2008

My sewing machine is 1 year old!

And this is the latest thing I've made on it :)

I whipped this up in one day for a wedding we went to last month, it is the same pattern I used here. It is very easy to make, especially the second time around, and I just love it. So does my daughter - it is great for twirling in :)

She danced all night long, first with the other kids and then with the adults. She was very sad that we had to leave to put her brother to bed, she has more stamina than I do!


Kellie said...

It's my machines 3rd birthday this Christmas ... mmmmm what should I get her. Fabric is always good! :) Very pretty little dress!

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday machine!!!! That dress looks great. It doesn't look that easy - I'm impressed :-)