Monday, 8 March 2010

Lucky lucky me!

I was very lucky last year in a few blog competitions, and there are still two wins that I have to blog about.

The first one was via the fantastic podcast Never Not Knitting, one of my favourite podcasts to listen to. The competition was to win a signed copy of Susan B Anderson's 'Itty Bitty Toys', and my name was picked out of nearly 500 comments :) This is the cutest toy book ever, I could really knit all of the toys in here, but my favourites are the reversible toys. Miss M immediately requested the little reversible bird, and I found it a nice quick knit, and the instructions were very easy to follow.

Here are some other of the cute toys in this book:

Aren't they lovely?

The other win was via the podcast Craftsanity, another fantastic crafty podcast. In fact, this podcast was the main inspiration for me to branch out and try all the different crafts that I enjoy doing so much. I was lucky enough to win the book 'Design-It-Yourself Clothes Patternmaking Simplified' by Cal Patch, and this is one fabulous book! I just love every single garment in here, and I have read it from cover to cover and I find it very well explained and inspiring. Here are some of the great clothes you can make:

Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to make anything from these books this year, since this little person has decided that he doesn't need a daytime sleep. After a full day with him I am too tired at night to make anything!

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Ruth said...

You have the best luck, Louise! The sewing book looks great. I love the little shift dress with the ruffle on the bottom. Your little man is growing up to be a handsome little man :)