Monday, 16 August 2010

16 August

I recently started work on another two baby floor quilts, using some of the Oh Boy range.

I also bought some custom made knitting markers from a great etsy seller, Sunneshine. She is so lovely and she made up lots of samples for me to choose my sets from. I wanted smaller ones for sock and lace knitting, and these ones are so light and delicate.

And Miss M and I have been busy making brooches - we have to make so many because we keep forgetting to take them off her clothes before they go in the wash...


cherri said...

Ohh the quilt is looking great.

Those brooches are beautiful. Girls love all things sparkly don't they?

Looking forward to seeing the quilt complete.

Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

You have been busy! I love all the crafts you have been doing! Especially love the quilt fabrics - great colours!

Ruth said...

Nice to see you posting, Louise. Quilts look great - as usual :-) Love your work and style.