Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Capturing leaves and feet

In the last year I rearranged our art and craft desk, and we have all been drawing and painting more there now there's more space and all the supplies are set out properly.  It's a good big desk from Ikea, and I bought an extension so that three people can sit at it together.

Our art and craft desk

It's in a space in our loungeroom that is long and narrow, and tricky to do anything with.  This desk fits in perfectly.

Our art and craft desk

Actually, most of the furniture in our house is from Ikea.  Even the houseplant is from Ikea.


I've always found it tricky to draw leaves and make them look real.


And I find it even harder to paint them convincingly, so most of my drawings are just in black and white.  I keep buying nice paints though, I have a art and craft supplies addiction.


And I had a go at drawing Miss M's foot - if I draw her face she can't stop giggling, but she can giggle all she likes as long as she keeps her foot still :)

Miss M's foot

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