Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bad bad cats

My naughty cats, the grey one is the boy, Binka, the other is his sister Bossy.

I've cut out all the pieces for my autumn quilt test block, it was quite fiddly tracing the pattern and measuring seam allowance to make the templates, and then tracing them all out onto the fabric. I cut the pieces out (using scissors, it took ages!) and laid them out in place to see if they all fit together again, which I think they kind of do. It's a little confusing actually cause I've cut them all out of the same piece of fabric so it just looks like a square unless I really squint. My 'chosen method of applique' for the autumn leaf stems was entirely made up, I have no idea if they will actually stay on the quilt.

I then went to the shops, and when I came home I found that the cat had jumped up onto the kitchen bench where I had put DD's watercolour paints that she'd used this morning, trodden in the blue paint and walked all over the place. There were blue prints all over the floor in the kitchen and dining room, all over the dining table, the sink, all the benchtops, letters and magazines, on the ironing board and the cut out pieces of fabric. I was just so glad that it was just a practice block and not the actual quilt fabric which I had stacked under the ironing board. I have two tonkinese (indoor) cats, the boy is much smarter and naughty than the girl, and I just knew it was him - I checked his feet and sure enough one of them was blue. I'm sure he jumps up there all the time when I'm not here but there's usually no way to tell, I'd just love to see what they get up to when they have the run of the house.

Bossy is not so bright.

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