Saturday, 9 February 2008

First sewing project for the year

My daughter refuses to sleep under a sheet, so she has always had grobags. Unfortunately, now that she's 3 1/2 the summer grobags are too small for her (they don't make the 0.5 togs in 3-6 years). I thought I'd have a go at drafting my own pattern from the 3-6 yr winter grobag and making her one from cotton. I'd never sewn anything except a couple of cloth nappies and my practice quilt, but I'm a firm believer that if you don't know how difficult something is going to be then you can often achieve a good result :)

I bought some cotton voile for the lining, and some cotton gingham for the outer, as they were both soft and light. I realised that I'd have to put in a zipper, which was a little daunting, but my new sewing machine has a zipper foot so why not? I bought an open ended zipper, which is what the grobags use - I think it was 80cm which was the largest I could find. They didn't have green so it ended up being blue.

I traced the outside of the 3-6 yr winter grobag onto 2 taped-together pieces of butcher's paper and cut it out. I then traced that copy onto another couple of pieces of butcher's paper but this time I estimated where the neckline should be, and I cut it in half lengthwise. I sewed the lining and outer pieces together so that I had 3 separate pieces. I then put the zipper in and sewed it all together. I sewed a little patch on the inside over the bottom of the zipper, so it wouldn't be scratchy, and also a little flap that covers the top of the zipper so it doesn't rub on my daughter's neck.

It desperately needs an iron in these pictures, as she's already worn it a couple of times. It fits perfectly, and she can take it off herself, which is what I was hoping for. I'm very pleased with it and it only cost me $10 or so.

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