Sunday, 6 April 2008

D9P hand quilting

I have started the hand quilting on the D9P quilt, but I'm not sure now about the thread colours I've chosen. I liked the idea of using both a chocolate thread and a pink thread, but in practice the pink doesn't really show up. I'm now considering just using all chocolate, any opinions? Does it even matter? lol


Helen said...

I like the chocolate more, stands out better and your stitches are so neat, show them off!

Emma said...

The chocolate works well; and your stitches are so neat and straight and even! If you really want to use the pink, maybe feature it on a dark chocolate block (assuming it's not a dark pink?), or do some simple embroidery or sign your quilt with it?

Cascade Lily said...

Nice work on the quilting! Depends whether you are going for texture or effect. The brown is showing up nicely :)