Monday, 14 April 2008

Quilting quilting quilting...

I haven't blogged anything for a while because I don't really have anything new to show. I'm still quilting the d9p, I do it every time I have a spare moment but it's taking ages - my thumb has developed a callus where the needle pokes it underneath the quilt!

Anyway here are some progress photos of my quilt.


Ruth said...

I'm currently working on one of these disappearing 9 squares. Yours looks greats. I look forward to seeing it with the quilting complete as it's looking fantastic so far.

Corrie said...

oh it looks beautiful!!!! I'm still hand quilting a quilt for my sister and just pick it up when I feel like it but now its due to be given next week I need to get my butt into gear

love the colours:)