Thursday, 29 January 2009

One Cute Calendar

How cute is this calendar? It is a free download from the Canon website, and it is the sweetest calendar I've ever owned. I do like calendars, I can't resist buying several each year. I've bought some lovely scrapbook paper to make my own calendar for next year, as I need to have a big one to write all my appointments etc on. But these tiny calendars scattered around the house are helpful and irresistable...

It was a dark and cloudy day, and the camera flash, which usually washes everything out with blinding light, decided that twilight was perfectly adequate this time. And yes, I did make an (extremely half hearted) effort at setting up the photos by putting down a white sheet and a white piece of paper in the background. That piece of paper just makes all the difference, don't you think? So much more professional looking!

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Amy said...

Thanks for the chocolate cake recipe! A tad too late but I will refer to it next time I feel the need to bake something!
I am in love with this little calendar! I saw your March post and just had to find out where you got it! Thanks for sharing!