Saturday, 14 February 2009

Crayon recycling

After two children playing with them, our collection of crayons was a sorry sight! Small grubby pieces, not a paper wrapper to be seen, lots of toothmarks... Using an idea from the CraftSanity blog, I decided to melt them all together and make larger not-so-breakable crayons.

I put them into paper patty pans, in a muffin tin, and into the oven on 250 degrees C. They only took 10-15 minutes to melt, and then I put them outside to cool (they were pretty stinky!). Then I peeled off the patty pans and gave them to the kids. They immediately got covered in toothmarks, but I think that's a given in our house. Miss M loves to sort them into piles of like colours, and Master O likes to steal them and hide them... somewhere I have yet to discover.


Journeying Five said...

that might just be the coolest thing ever! i love old things being made new!

Kylie said...

I did this over the christmas break with all of the ones that Mum had lying around - they do stink a bit dont they - I popped them in the freezer LOL

Tinniegirl said...

How fun. I think I'll have to dig out all the old crayons and do some baking.