Friday, 27 February 2009

It's in the bag

Last week Miss M's preschool teacher mentioned that it was becoming difficult to stuff all her lunchboxes, jumpers, spare clothes, drink cups, artworks etc into her old backpack. "I'm sure you could whip up a new bag in no time" said she. Well after that the challenge was on ;) I chose some dark blue denim from Spotlight, and a bright pink zipper. I wasn't sure exactly what sort of bag I was going to make, but at the last minute I thought I'd put in a lining and I went through my stash and found some more Spotlight fabric that was left over from covering a corkboard - luckily this actually matched the zipper colour. I drafted up a pattern on some butchers paper, estimating the size of the bag by using the length of the zipper. I've made a few bags now so the basic design was easy, but the zipper was a real challenge - I've never sewn in a zipper that I couldn't access both sides of while I was sewing, and then when I did sew it in I found that it was skewed about 1cm on each side - being somewhat of a perfectionist I was hardly going to settle for that so I picked it out and did it again! The only real mistake I made was to show Miss M, because actually I think I would have liked it for myself ;)


Journeying Five said...

it would be so cool if it could be reversible! fun project...looks great!

lotta said...

What a sweet bag... Lucky Miss M. Being a perfectionist is both a benefit and a bane... most of the time its for the better, I think. thank you for visiting inleaf.