Saturday, 14 February 2009

Knitting weather

After disgustingly hot weather for the last few weeks, we're getting some lovely cold, rainy weather - I never thought I'd put 'lovely' together with 'cold' and 'rainy', but I'm never going to complain about the cold again, bring it on!

One good thing about cold and rainy weather is that it makes me want to cuddle up inside with lots of crafty projects, especially quilting and knitting. I try to fit in at least a couple of rows of knitting every day, but lately I've really been working on a lot of different projects at once. I'm always knitting socks, and they are really handy for when I'm travelling. I also have a lovely shawl on the needles - the Seraphim shawl. I'm knitting it from Bendigo baby wool in cream, it's lovely and soft and not at all scratchy. I'm over the halfway mark for the knitting so hopefully it won't take me too much longer before I can wear my angel wings ;)

I also ordered some balls of Bendigo cotton, in honeydew, inferno and denim. Very soft and lightweight, they will be perfect for the blanket I'm slowly turning them into.

Bendigo Woollen Mills are great, they have large 200g balls and the postage is free (in Australia) once you spend $30. The wool I've bought has been lovely quality and I can highly recommend them.

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Ruth said...

wow, that's really pretty Louise. You're very clever :-)