Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Quilting WIP

Ok, just for the sake of blogging something I'm going to make a WIP entry each week. No quilting pictures today as I have nothing particularly exciting to show. I've decided to finish the d9p quilt before I do any more work on other quilts, I've only got 4 more blocks to hand quilt and then I'm ready to bind it. I've cut out most of the fabric for my autumn quilt now, it's all ready in plastic bags waiting to be pieced together, first I have to applique the leaf stems on though which is going to take a while, judging by the one I've completed. I'm also thinking about what I can do with the charm squares I bought, maybe just another d9p although I do keep making little drawings of quilt blocks I might experiment with. I think the d9p blocks are really good for showing off the fabric, the simple shapes don't detract from the fabric design. I guess it depends on what I want to do with the final quilt, if I'm giving it away as a present I'd better do something that's not going to take me a year to sew :)

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