Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Finished Pincushion and Spring

It seems rather an unproductive couple of weeks, but it's such an effort to have to get my sewing machine and ironing board out and put them away again every time I want to sew something that I've been making things that don't require machine sewing. I've finished my felt pincushion, and I think that next I'm going to do some more knitting - I've certainly got enough projects to be getting on with there. I'm also going to buy some lovely fat quarters to make myself a quilt, I've no idea of the design yet but I just love the fabric so I'll buy it first and decide on the quilt later.

It's been feeling very spring-like over the last few days, there are lots of blossoms out and some of my spring flowers have come up. I've taken some photos on our walks because I find nature very inspiring.

I like the shape of these ferns, we always called them fish ferns although I have no idea if that is the correct name or not. They do look like fish bones don't they?


Ruth said...

That's a really cute pin cushion, Louise!

Emma said...

Great pincushion! Your photos are so typical Canberra; I'd swear you were across the road from our old house!

Belinda said...

Such a cute pin cushion. Great Job!

Katie said...

I LOVE that pincushion!!! Ever thought about selling them?

Cherry blossoms are my favorite, they really cheer up this time of year.