Monday, 11 August 2008


I remember that months ago when I first read about softies I just didn't get the whole softie-love thing. After having seen many beautiful examples on different blogs I now think that they're the cutest things ever :) I picked up this softies book and my daughter and I read it together - she fell in love with this lizard, and I got her to pick 2 fabrics from my stash. Today I finished her off, and presented my DD with her when I picked her up from preschool. She hasn't put her down since and has named her Rosie Kellie.

DD isn't your typical girlie girl - some of her favourite toys are her plastic dinosaurs, snakes, sharks and frogs. Rosie Kellie is now the best friend of a rubber komodo dragon, and they spent the evening spitting venom at some lions. DD has now requested that I make the crocheted Jack Sparrow pirate from the softies book (a little advanced for me just yet!). He is very cute though :)

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monART said...

oooooooh jack sparrow looks amazing!