Saturday, 9 August 2008

I love messenger bags

I often have my 13 month old son on my hip in a sling when I go out, which makes it difficult to balance a handbag on the other side. Even when I don't have him I find it difficult to carry a handbag - it keeps wanting to slide off my shoulder and sometimes I just want to use both hands for whatever I'm doing and not for holding a handbag. So I love messenger bags, you know the kind with a big strap that goes over your head and across your body and the actual bag part sits next to your hip? Anyway, I found a great pattern, the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag. I'm really a novice sewer, I've only ever done my couple of quilts and a couple of nappies for my son, nothing more difficult than straight stitch. So if I can do this then anyone can! The pattern instructions are incredibly easy to follow, I ended up with a bag that looks really professional, I love the little details like the inside of the pocket and the square on the front. And it's been so useful, I've been carrying it everywhere.

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Cascade Lily said...

Louise you did a FAB job on this bag - it looks amazing!