Friday, 15 May 2009

Bags, bags, bags

I really enjoy making [basic and simple!] bags now - I understand the basic construction of them, and they are a great way to show off some pretty fabric. Miss M finished up at her preschool last term, and I wanted to make her two teachers a bag each as a thank you and goodbye present. The outside of the bags are very plain, just dark blue denim, but I embroidered on a rectangle of fabric to sew on the inside so that they would be a little more special. They were both great teachers, and we were so sad to leave the school.

As usual I thought about taking the photos just before I was about to wrap them the night before gifting them, hence the dark and gloomy photos!

(I'm not sure what the rules are for names on the internet, so I've painted out the names just to be safe)

Over the school holidays I recieved a beautiful card from one of the teachers (G) telling me how much she was enjoying her bag and how much she would miss us, and she included a lovely photo of Miss M as well. It feels lovely to make things for people, but so wonderful to know that they are enjoying them!

To finish off the bags post, I made a library bag for Miss M for her new school (a Montessori school, which she just fits into so well!). I used fabric from Spotlight - don't I always?


Journeying Five said...

loving the bags...they really look good!

Sara said...

The bags are great! I made bags for Will's teachers at daycare, and they love them!

Hmmm, I wondering if M is going to the same school as my friends DD.

Ruth said...

The labels are beautiful. The bags too, of course lol! I made DS some pants out of that froggie camo. It's such nice fabric to sew.