Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Happy birthday to me!

It was my birthday late last month, and I received some lovely things - here are a few of them!

The beautiful Soiree blue and green fat quarter packs - I've already cut out and started to piece together a quilt top from the blue pack.

Some lovely cups - I'd been eyeing these off for ages so I'm really happy to finally have these :)

A jelly roll and a jelly roll pattern - the fabric is Pack Your Bags by Arrin Turnmire. (There really is only one roll here - I've just taken lots of pics to try to show all the different fabric)

And two honey buns, in the Sultry range by Basic Grey - not sure what I'll do with these yet, I'm thinking that it will include some log cabins though.

I bought a few other things with the birthday money I received, but those things haven't arrived yet... more pics when they do :)


Little Munchkins said...

Wow, great stuff you got there! I keep eyeing the Moda Soiree range...I think I need to buy it!

Ruth said...

Happy birthday louise! Gorgeous fabrics, as always. There will be some beautiful projects coming from you in the next year :-)

Journeying Five said...

Wow! Gorgeous fabric and lots of will be happily creating for a very long time. Happy Birthday to you!

Cascade Lily said...

Happy birthday Louise. And score, score, score!!