Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lucky me - again!

First of all:

Ok then.

Now I'm not a person that usually wins competitions - in fact I seem to be more likely to win something if I don't enter than if I do. Last year I entered a couple of blog competitions because the bloggers were giving away something lovely, and to my utter astonishment I actually won some beautiful fabric, from the fabulous blog of Chaletgirl, which I've since used in Miss M's dinosaur quilt. This spurred me on to enter more and more competitions, none of which I won until last month, when I got an email to say I'd won some lovely fabric - from Chaletgirl! What are the odds? Thanks so much Chaletgirl, it will be as well used as the last lot was :) Here is the fabric, beautifully packaged - I just love that linen tape and I'll be using that for something as well!


Journeying Five said...

wow! double wow! the fabric is fantastic!

Ruth said...

Lucky you!!! It's nice to get a surprise someone - and fabric is one of the best kinds.