Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Another softie

I do like making softies, especially because Miss M thinks that they are wonderful, so much better than store bought toys since she gets to see them being 'born'. This time she chose a kangaroo and her joey.

She has named them Rosie and Taylor.


Car said...

Just commenting so you can ADD me back to your bloglines list ;)

Love the roo & joey, did he take long to complete? I have the book here, maybe one day...

Love the new layout of your blog - where did you get it from?

Ruth said...

How cute is that Joey! You've done a great job of him. I seem to suffer seam breakage on my softies. I don't know if it's poor sewing or over stuffing. Yours looks well stuff, and I see no fluff leaking out lol :-)