Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Banana bread

I love the recipes that Retromummy has shared on her blog, especially this one for melt and mix banana bread. I thought I'd give it a go, since I'm all for not-much-effort cooking - the only cake we ever make around here is a similar type of recipe, where you put everything into one bowl, stir it up and then pop it into the oven. No creaming butter & sugar or any of that fussy business.

The original recipe calls for 125g melted butter. I had no butter so I thought I'd try olive oil instead, since that's what I use in my chocolate cake with great success. And it worked out in this recipe as well, so delicious! And surely just a teensy bit more healthy? I always try to remind myself that olive oil is a 'good' fat since I use so much of it :)

I also found that I had no baking powder, so I googled a substitute combining cream of tartar and bicarb. Worked out so well that I used it again the next time instead of buying baking powder.


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