Sunday, 26 July 2009

Soiree is done

I finally completed my Soiree quilt - it was very difficult to get hold of enough white homespun to finish the top, and then I discovered that since I had enlarged the top the backing was no longer large enough. A day of fussing and measuring and sewing later, and it was all done.

The backing is a lovely soft coral minky fleece. I didn't use anything in the middle, so there are just the top and bottom layers. It will be just right for a summer weight quilt.

It has also been used as a lounge quilt, but the combination of two children and two cats with all that white makes me think that it will be staying on our bed from now on.


Car said...

Beautiful work Louise :) well done!

Anna - said...

Love it, well done Louise! The colours are just great. I too would be leaving it on the bed with all that white though! What a great idea for a summer weight quilt.

Cascade Lily said...

Ooooh it's very pretty! And it will be super snuggly as well. Well done Louise!