Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Birthdays in June

Goodness, is it July already? I can't believe that this year is already half over!

This means that my two children have had their birthdays - both in late June, one day apart! Mr O is now two, and Miss M is now five. And I discovered, while looking through Miss M's baby photos for her school show and tell, that five years ago I looked ten years younger *sigh*

I had to send in a birthday snack to Miss M's school class, and since I've never cooked cupcakes (no really, I never have!) I didn't want to use her class as my test subjects. I decided to make the white chocolate rocky road from Retromummy's blog, since that looked so easy. And it was!

Very few ingredients were needed, and not much effort (except for cutting up those rasberries!).

After I took this photo I thought better of it and cut each one in half, they were so sweet that I'm sure the teachers would not have appreciated the sugar high they would have given the children :)

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